Why you should love being a MILLENNIAL

This post, could have been about anything, but, this time it’s about me, you, and all the other’s that make part of these amazing generation. It’s a time where people can be, work, and live fully as their wishing standards with much more easily.

You’re socially liberal, you’re excited for the future, and you’re characterized as “different” than any other generation. You are among the largest generation in Western history, and also among the most educated.

Millenial’s are taking the biggest responsabilities job’s and creating multi-millionaire companies. That’s the paycheck for being innovative, creative and dominant. 

The overall value of the millennial generation is one to be contended with. We have impacted the world in a positive and tangible way, which is just one reason of many why I am proud to be a part of this generation.

Instead of building walls, we developedcommun
ication, builded bridges to connect markets, finances, diplomacy and finally people! We understood that communication is fundamental for progress.


We Are Connected

We Are Educated

We Are Entitled


Having the possibility to contact someone on the other side of the globe in a simple touch, or, sending pictures of your amazing trip in Cancun, were dreams talking to loud, some years ago.
As social media raises everyday and the technology is running faster than ever we are in the middle of a digital/ technology revolution.

Millennials areoutjazz like jtarde on track to become the most educated generation in history, with over 90 percent of high school graduates saying that they plan on pursuing some form of continued educ
ation, performing higher on Advanced Placement Testing than ever before and SAT and ACT scores have risen drastically. This emphasis produces citizens who believe in education and work as a means of success.

Success? We are entitled to it! 

We grow up with the mission to conquer the world. Our parent’s made everything to make it perfect. A perfect education, house, and believe system. So we believe that we are in the same level as any other person, and that if you work hard, success will come to you.

We dont just deserve success, we are entitled to it !