Healthy Outlier’s habits to success


Are they just born lucky ? Maybe chosen buy a higher entity to fullfil a task other’s can’t?  Or do they just have habits that make a difference when watched closely. Being sucessful doesn’t mean you have the highest IQ,have the biggest bank account, or are the prettier. It isn’t defined by race,age, or culture.


#J.K Rowling, the first ever billionaire author, read  as a child “anything” she could get. While, #WarrenBuffet  reads almost 600 pages a day. Reading is one of the most important tasks, it will enlight you, give you vocabulary, and depending on what you are reading can improve a lot ,your view of the world.

Steady saving, is also important, as time passes by, i have never met someone rich who hasn’t got well defined saving plans. The sooner you start the easier you will make a better saving plan.

Sports!?? Nah, not in to it anymore!
This is one of people’s biggest mistakes. Leaving sports activity will only make you more sedentary, and less will to complete and innovate your daily tasks. Figure out a way you can introduce 1 hour of gym in your schedule, and sooner than you expect, results will come in a positive way.

You worked hard, things are going better and better, why not help someone else, and making their day? We can learn so much by interacting with others, gathering new experiences is a breaking point for a higher education. Sharing is caring should be a daily thought.

Travel, acquiring knowledge from other cultures is important, but they can too give you ideas to start a new business, create a new product or even understand better how you can deal with all type of costumers.

Being a volunteer, can be a big lesson as no matter what you are doing you are helping someone or a community. But remember, you don’t have to go across the globe to volunteer. Or cross an ocean to help someone. I’m sure you have plenty of people close to where you live that need the same help.

Well, i guess that’s alright for the moment, keep up to check the news, and please if you enjoyed this article share it, and LIKE IT.